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From the family archives

My Grandfather in the Hospital ca. 1941



Not much to report... Been working on a marketing package and need to put my final list together for the direct mailer.
Here is a postcard from my great grandfathers business.



Unlike "Burly" (Austrian colloquialism for boy), I'm not a proud owner of a bike today...
Looked at an old Honda Elsinore for my upcoming shoot last night, but it sold today.

Vienna, circa 1935


On Any Sunday

Arguably the best motorcycle film ever made...watched it again this morning. I've also been looking at some images of McQueen riding the ISDT in 1964 in a book called
40 Summers Ago
. I'm planning a moto shoot in the coming month, so all this imagery is serving as inspiration. The pic below is of my dad on some sort of merry-go-round contraption.

Photo album

A page from my grandmothers album...


Random scans

A few years ago, while visiting my parents in Vienna, I decided to grab all the old negs and prints from my grandmother, grandfather and father and become the keeper of these little gems.  I'm finally getting around to scanning and archiving them.  Most of the photos I will post here are from my grandmother...with her favorite model, my dad.