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Two Wheels Brazil - Day 1

The first day of the show was rainy...but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying the festivities... More to come...


Crank Time in Brazil

There are a lot of shady things going on in Brazil, and I suspected Two Wheels Brazil was one of them. No matter, I thought, the news hadn't reported any bombings or hijackings lately - things seemed slow enough to go check it out. As soon as we landed, we where swooped up by some sleazy looking character in a bullet proof sedan, who identified himself as "Paulo"; a fake name no doubt... The ride to our location was fairly uneventful, that is until we came up on what must have been a cocaine freebasing experiment that went wrong and set fire to the make-shift shack the operation was being run out of. Once we got to the "Headquarters" it was clear why we where here. They had devised some sinister scheme to smuggle drugs out of the country with fake gold dentures!


Brazil or Bust...

Leaving for Brazil in the morning to visit my friends Paulo and Eddie... They're the ones putting on Two Wheels Brazil, which is happening this weekend. Back next week...


Road Tested: Joe King Helmet

I love my Joe King helmet! Fits better than any helmet I've ever owned... If you're looking for a new lid, check them out here.


Jason Webber and ATR for Two Wheels Brazil

Alright folks...I'm in the Canadian Rockies at the moment and my internet connection is pretty dodgy, so I hope this video is actually on here. It won't load for me...


Max Schaaf - Two Wheels Brazil it is...
You'll have to go to Brazil to see this bike in person.
Special thanks to Brad for letting us shoot at his Barber Shop.

Max Schaaf for 2 Wheels Brazil from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.


Algonquin: TWB?

Paulo cooked up something special for this october. That's right, Jack! - Two Wheels Brazil
Sunshine, beaches, Motorcycles...well...count me in on that one.
Now go and get yourself some tickets for Brazil before I put the leeches on you...

WHMC forever!