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5.21.2010 - Final Post

The month is over, the camera gone and for some reason I feel compelled to write a few words of wisdom – “Beer on whiskey, mighty risky – Whiskey on beer, never fear.” – well, there you have it…
This video is a compilation of some of the many things I shot last month with the H4D-40. I hope you all enjoyed the little journey I took you on. It was a brutal month, and I LOVED IT!
A very special thanks to Matthew and Jessica from Hasselblad, Damon @ 150kilos, Jim @ Samy’s Camera, Homer @ Hmedia, the HassyLA community, and my very special crew!

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Hasselblad H4D-40 from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

5.13.2010 - No Sympathy for the Devil

I’m writing this post from Argentina…
The decision to take the camera and run had been in the back of my mind all along; so I was well prepared when the day came. New passport, facial hair, new hair cut (I went with the classic male pattern baldness)…
I’m moving about quite a bit these days, so I’ve learned to travel light. The H4D-40 with the 50-110mm lens is all I need. These shots where taken with that set-up in the foothills of the Andes.
If you should find yourself in South America, look me up. I go by the name of Harvey Mushman now…
Ok for now.

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4.30.2010 - Casting

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4.27.2010 - Road Trip

Hasseyblad H4D - Road Trip from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

Last weeks trip to Phoenix started out normal enough. I went through my regular checklist when going on the road - but there are special requirements when the desert is involved. Water, blankets, rubbing alcohol and a pair of latex gloves were added to the mix.

I got off to a late start; try finding a gun on a thursday morning in Hollywood...(but that's another story). Once I hit the freeway and got out of the treacherous LA traffic, I set my cruise control to 100mph to make up for some lost time. But by the time I hit Palm Springs, strange things where starting to happen... Menacing clouds, rainbows and a foul odor were surrounding me. I realized what had happened right away and pulled over before things got ugly. I keep a bottle of ether in the car (just behind the drivers seat), to prime the carburettor of my vintage motorcycle. While packing the car, I managed to knock it over and it slowly started leaking into the carpet. Anyone who's been around ether can tell you that it will turn you into a complete lunatic in no time...

My memories of the next part of the trip are extremely hazy...Rotten stuff!

4.25.2010 - Architecture

Hasselblad H4D Architecture Shoot from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

A few days ago I got a call from one of my clients to do an architectural photoshoot in Phoenix Arizona. Perfect! Road trip, plus I get to use the H4D-40 in yet another capacity. So on my way out, I went by Samy’s Camera, and got me something quite special – the 28mm lens plus the tilt shift adaptor.

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4.21.2010 - In Studio

Here are the latest with the Hasselblad H4D-40. Check out for more...